Less is More, More is Less

When talking about this phrase, it is strongly related to the concept of minimalism.
A design is much appreciated when it is applied from the phrase, less is more. I personally think that the phrase also leads to modernity in a design. Especially when something is designed with minimalism and simplicity to it.

A few examples of Less is More,More is Less designs:

A kitchen design - So simple yet looks very exclusive

Furniture design with a minimalist touch.

modern desk lamp

Lamp design.

Form Follows Function

What is Form Follows Function?
This question was on my mind the first time my lecturer said the words.
Well, based on Wikipedia;

Form follows function is a principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.Wainwright Building by Louis SullivanIn the context of design professions form follows function intuitively seems like good sense, but on closer examination it becomes problematic and open to interpretation. Linking the relationship between the form of an object and its intended purpose is not always by itself a complete design solution. Defining the precise meaning(s) of the phrase 'form follows function' opens a discussion of design integrity that remains an important, lively debate.

From my point of view, I guess that in every design created in this world, there must be a reason for it. Therefore, the foundation of design would probably be form follows function.

An example for us to understand better about this:

Race car design
The aerodynamic shape is what we called form that follows the function which helps the car to accelerate faster with its form built like that.

Another example, is this 'Form Follows Function' sofa designed by Dutch designer Daan Mulde

Modern Sofa Called Form Follows Function Sofa

Description from the designer:

A three dimensional model of the sofa is created with a computer program. The model consists of three curved faces which can be virtually unfolded. Next, these faces are manufactured from steel plates with a laser cutting process. The plates are bent and welded together to obtain the final shape of the sofa. All functionalities of the sofa are created from one continuous line.


This is the prefect of example to understand better about the phrase. From my opinion, the sofa is creatively designed by him with gorgeous elegant form which looks almost like a sculpture. But, the form created, also compliments the function as seen in the picture where the model captured a few poses which translates better about the function of the sofa.

Stiletto Police?

I found this on the web when I searched for creative inventions. This shoe invention really caught my attention though. It's called the Stiletto Police. It is a pair of stilettos that have the outer decals of a patrol car and not only that, it has LED lights which turn on and off, shining blue and red lights all around to warn bad boys to keep their hands off you.

10 Creative/Weird Inventions and Concept Designs

We live in an explosive time for fashion. Bright lights, low brow, express yourself. Applause is given to those who don’t hold back. And this shoe is definitely something to put you in the focus…of course, if you can walk in heels. Source

Or shall we say, a cool gadget for woman nowadays. LOL.

Creative Advertising Ideas Video

An inspirational video of showing many ideas for creative advertising.

They have pretty amazing ideas which some that we couldn't even think of when it comes to creative design.

Unique Buildings around the world

For this post, I'd like to share some pictures of some of th most unique buildings designs all over the world.

Beijing National Stadium (Beijing, China)

Beijing National Stadium

(Beijing, China)

Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, TN,

United States)

Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building (Darmstadt, Germany)

The Crooked House

(Sopot, Poland)

If only I can see all these buildings right in front of me, it would be much more fun to appreciate more about the weird designs created by all these designers :)

Colorful Times

Isn't it great to have clocks like these?
It's so attractive! Love the design, creativity and even the colorful color combinations.

Creative Cake Designs

Cakes are fun when it comes to the decorating part. I adore how some people can design their cakes with full creativity and effort to make the best out of it. A lot of cake design inspirations are being created nowadays as it is one of the latest trends for designers.

It takes patience for us to build such beautiful cakes like these. I'd really like to learn more about it because its fun to be able to invent something that you like and you can end up eating it with great satisfaction. :D